YETI Sac isotherme Camino 35 Carryall 2.0

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Tough inside and out, the Camino® 35 Carryall features deployable dividers and two interior zippered pockets. Made from the same waterproof, ultra-durable, and easy-to-clean material as the Panga® Duffel, this tote bag will keep sandy wetsuits contained, protect gear from mud and puddles, and provide a tough barrier against climbing equipment. Designed to make any adventure’s dirty work a little easier, the Camino® 35 Carryall is the perfect all-purpose, hereto-there bag for every day.


Durable Construction
This standup companion has a waterproof, puncture-resistant ThickSkin™ Shell that keeps moisture and frays at bay. And with its sturdy EVA Molded Bottom, the bag stays upright, and water stays out.

Multiple Ways to Carry
The Camino® 35 Carryall is a haul-it-anywhere, up-for-anything tote. Throw it over your shoulder or pick it up by the CrossBar™ Handles. Whichever way you choose this bag pulls its weight, so you can carry on with your day.

Deployable Dividers
The Camino® 35 Carryall features deployable dividers so you can keep your gear organized and at the ready. Simply tuck away the dividers when not in use to create one large compartment.

  • External Dimensions: 46.2w X 25.1d X 38.1h Cm (18.2"W X 9.9"D X 15.0"H In)
  • Empty Weight: 1.4kg (3.1lbs)
  • Pack it with picnic supplies or camping essentials 
  • Keep fishing gear organized while out on the water
  • Contain sandy wetsuits after a day on the coast
  • Built for a day out or a weekend off
  • 4 Loop Hitchpoint Grid
  • Perfect for picnic supplies or camping essentials
  • Deployable dividers fit all Rambler® Bottle sizes, all Yonder® Bottle sizes, and 1.8 L Jug