Atlas Men's Helium MTN Snowshoes

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    The next evolution in composite snowshoe technology has arrived. The Helium-MTN is an ultralight, uber versatile all-mountain snowshoe that brings the tech, but not the weight.

    It features the Wrapp™ MTN binding which integrates the BOA® Fit System to provide a fast, effortless, precision fit every time. The serrated teeth of the anodized aluminum traction rails provide excellent grip in varying terrain and snow conditions while the aggressive MTN crampon with an aft tang creates 360° engagement around the foot.

    The louvered design of the Helium deck sheds snow while an underside aft fin keeps the snowshoes tracking straight. Designed to excel in all types of terrain, the Helium-MTN offers maximum traction and comfort to take on any winter hiking challenge.


    Wrapp™ MTN Binding
    The Wrapp™ MTN binding blends Atlas’ proven Wrapp™ series design combined with Boa® Closure System crafted for All-Mountain snowshoeing use. Providing a secure fit each and every time, the simple twist of a dial delivers consistent precision when the terrain gets technical.

    BOA® Fit System
    Stainless steel lace evenly distributes pressure across the foot for the most comfortable and secure fit. Dial in to fast, effortless, precision fit.

    EZ Heel Buckle
    The EZ Heel Buckle is single handed convenience while ensuring all-day comfort.

    Helium Deck
    The deck of the all-new Helium series provides the foundation to make these the lightest composite snowshoes available. The unique louver design sheds snow to keep them lightweight, while also creating traction.

    Pivot Limiter
    Pivot Limiter allows a more comfortable steadily stride.

    Helium MTN Crampon
    The most aggressive crampon in the Helium series! The MTN was created to provide reliability, giving the user confidence in all types of snow and ice. The design is rounded out with an aft tang, creating 360-degree engagement around the foot for superior grip.

    Aluminum Traction Rails
    Lightweight 6061 Al Traction Rails run 2/3 length of snowshoe providing stability and control in all conditions, while still allowing tail to flex for natural gate.

    Rockered Footbed

    19° Heel Lift
    Provides relief when climbing those long steep hills, and easily stores for flats and descents.


    • Terrain: All Mountain
    • Heel Lift: Yes
    • Binding Technology: Wrapp™ MTN
    • Traction Technology: Helium MTN Crampon, Full Length Traction
    • Articulation: Pivot Limiter
    • Frame Technology: Helium Deck
    • Additional Technology: 19° Heel Lift, BOA® Fit System, EZ Heel Buckle, Rockered Footbed
    • Features: Heel Lift
    • Collection: Helium
    • Category: All Mountain
      Size Chart

      Atlas makes lightweight, durable snowshoes for a variety of winter uses. To choose the right snowshoe, consider your weight (with gear), typical snow or trail conditions (dense wet snow, light powder or packed trails) and snowshoe needs (more maneuverability or flotation). In determining which snowshoe is right for you, decide which category and Atlas Technology best fits your needs.

      Men’s Model Sizes


      LOAD (IN LBS)


      120 - 200 lbs


      150 - 250 lbs


      180 - 300+ lbs

      APEX 25”

      100 - 180 lbs

      APEX 30”

      140 - 235+ lbs

      HELIUM 23”

      80 - 160 lbs

      HELIUM 26”

      150 - 220+ lbs

      Women’s Model Sizes


      LOAD (IN LBS)


      80 - 160 lbs


      120 - 200+ lbs

      APEX 22”

      75 - 150 lbs

      APEX 27”

      105 - 190+ lbs

      HELIUM 23”

      80 - 160 lbs

      HELIUM 26”

      150 - 220+ lbs

      Youth Model Sizes


      LOAD (IN LBS)

      MINI 17”

      30 - 80 lbs

      SPARK 20”

      50 - 120 lbs



      LOAD (IN LBS)

      RACE/RUN 22”

      75 - 190 lbs