Ergon GE1 Evo 30 mm Mountain Bike Grip

Ergon GE1 Evo 30 mm Mountain Bike Grip

Color: Red


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More grip, more comfort and an even more grip

Never rest upon the successes of the previous day. With the GE1 Evo we appeal to all Enduro riders and racers who are looking for more comfort, grip and a precise grip.

The aim of the GE1 update was to further increase the grip on the handlebars while further reducing required strength input.

When mountain biking, less effort put into the handlebars leads to less muscle tension and thus reduces the risk of arm pump or numb hands. The results are more comfort, better control of your bike and an optimized arm position.

  • The Texture Update: The texture alignment is slightly adjusted against the hand rotation, intersecting channels in the gripping zone and differently shaped elements increase the grip of the GE1 Evo.

  • The texture update is completed all the way to the edge of the grip itself, affording more room for comfort. The ulnar nerve on the outside of the hand is effectively relieved and numbness is prevented.

  • The Grip Compound: The optimization and expansion of the texture allowed us to make the grip rubber even softer and thereby further increase the grip.

  • Optimization of the Core: In addition to the visible changes, our engineers have also thought about the inner core of the grip. By varying wall thicknesses, in the different gripping zones, more grip rubber could be used where more damping was needed.

  • Elbows up: The grip surface is aligned at 8° to the handlebar axis and against the backsweep. This position allows you as the rider to “automatically” take the correct position of the elbows.

  • Maximum hand grip is assured with use of silicone-based rubber compounds, a texture orientation which is opposite the rotation of the hand, and a damping inner core construction.

  • The grip surface is rider-oriented and automatically ensures the correct angular position of the forearms and elbows.


Optimized Surface

  1. Directional Grip Texture – Opposite to Hand Rotation – for maximum Grip.
  2. Improved Pressure Distribution in Thumb Area
  3. Tuned damping within the various grip-zones due to different material thickness inside the grip core.
  4. Additional Damping on Grips’ External Edges.
  5. Multiple Grip Textures for Improved Feel.