Gloworm XS With 2500 Lumens Led Bike Light Set

Gloworm XS With 2500 Lumens Led Bike Light Set

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The former flagship light of the Gloworm suite, the Gloworm XS Light System (2500 Lumens) retains the small form factor expected of a Gloworm but with a powerful 2500 lumen output.

The XS can be mounted on either bar (with the included QR Mount) or helmet, and is so lightweight it can even be worn with a headstrap! This light is ready for anything you can throw at it, a perfect combination of brightness, weight, runtime and value.

The XS with its new Wireless Button is poised to make waves in the cycling community.

  • Customise Your Light Ouput – IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology)
    • IMT defines the Gloworm ethos of versatility. IMT provides the freedom to use the Gloworm light in the default settings or to completely customise for ultimate personalisation.
  • Default Settings: Trail – Low / Medium / High. Special mode: Super Dim
    • Commute – Low / High. Special mode: Flash (1 Flash every 2 seconds – Flash pattern is High/Low/High)
    • Special modes are activated by holding down the button for 2 sec.This allows the user to conduct any outdoor activity without having to cycle through the special mode and having an interruption of a steady light beam.Additionally, the X2 is shut down by holding the button for appx 5sec.
    • IMT gives you the flexibility of refined programmes and modes without needing to access them every time you go from High mode back to low.

ENGINEERED IN NZ: All Gloworm Products are designed in NZ to precise engineering standards. Following the design process, products are assembled in our own facility with components sourced from partner companies. Bruce Davey co-ordinates the design process in New Zealand, while the manufacturing of Gloworm Products is managed by Gloworm Co-owner Vaggelis Monogyios.

WATER RESISTANT: As Gloworm Products have been created to withstand the rigours of a harsh NZ outdoor environment. X-Series (X2, XS, XSV) lights are rated to IP67, meaning they can be submersed for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter of water (including the battery) whilst the CX is rated to IP65 and is therefore able to withstand jets of water from all directions.

SHOCKPROOF: Gloworm Products are built tough with few moving parts. We use durable materials such as aluminium, carbon fibre and polycarbonate to create a tough and robust product. Our lights can withstand a significant drop to a very hard surface, whilst our batteries are a little less robust and can take a drop from 2 meters without suffering considerable damage.

USER CUSTOMISABLE: Whilst we could not programme our light level brightness to suit all users, we did make it possible to customise brightness levels to suit your needs. With a few clicks of the button you can change the default light level brightness to better suit your next adventure or race day requirements. This function is great if you want to conserve your battery by limiting your maximum brightness.

SELF PROTECTION: LED lights produce heat and are sensitive to excessive power. Without built in protection these characteristics can cause damage to a light. To ensure our lights withstand the test of time they all feature self-protection features that limit overheating of the electronics, overcharging of the batteries and excessive discharging. As a rider, you would never know this is occurring, however the light itself will constantly check temperature and power in an effort to make your experience the best possible.

REMOTE (NOT ALPHA): The Gloworm XSV, XS and X2 feature Wireless remote control. The TX allows you the control of your light remotely and most importantly function without needing to remove your hands from the bar. The TX can be used to control one or many lights either independently or synchronised. Once paired to a specific light or lights the TX cannot accidently control another Gloworm. The CX features wired remote control. The Alpha cannot be controlled remotely.

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: All Gloworm Products are compatible/include the Universal Mounting System. The system allows the use of the same mounting system across the range of lights, meaning you can use the same mount for different lights. The Universal Mounting System is also compatible with other common adventure product mounting systems.

CNC MACHINED: The Gloworm XS, XSV and X2 are manufactured using a process called CNC machining. This involves cutting the shape of the light from a single block of aluminium using a computer-directed cutter in a controlled engineering environment. The process is relatively slow but very accurate and is common in the manufacturing of high end products.


Swap and change your lenses to customise a beam pattern that fits your needs.

SPOT OPTIC (ALL LIGHTS) - 96% Efficient/FWHM 17 degrees: The spot optic provides the narrowest beam. It is also the most efficient, allowing the greatest light output. It can be used in conjunction with another spot optic to gain the greatest possible output and therefore beam distance. This configuration is best used on the helmet to see down the trail or to spot the exit of a turn. Alternatively the spot could be paired with another optic type from an alternative light pattern.

WIDE OPTIC (ALL LIGHTS) - 87% Efficient/FWHM 40 degrees: This optic provides a wide rectangular beam, it utilises the light output to provide more peripheral light and less light in the vertical axis. While not as optically efficient as the Spot Optic, it provides very good output for a wide-angle optic. Two wide optics can be paired as a great option for use on the road, however when paired with either a flood or spot optic an effective hybrid beam can be created.

FLOOD OPTIC (XS, X2)  - 84% Efficient/FWHM 25 degrees: For a smooth diffused light pattern the Flood optic is the best option. It takes the light and smooths it across the width of the beam, making it slightly easier on the eye and creating even light from left to right. A pair of Flood optics would provide a wall of smooth light, however in doing so a significant amount of light intensity would be lost compared to a pair of spot optics. The flood is best used in tandem with a spot or wide optic.

HONEYCOMB OPTIC (XSV) - 87% Efficient/FWHM 30 degrees: Designed for use with the XSV, the Honeycomb Optic is used to gain a smooth diffused light pattern when used with 2 spot optics or other honeycomb optics. It takes the light and smooths it across the width of the beam, making it slightly easier on the eye and creating a more even transition from the bright beam centre.

More Features:

  • 2500 Lumens (Real, not theoretical output)
  • IMT (Intelligent Mode Technology) technology
  • 330g total system weight with battery pack
  • Waterproof to IP67
  • 6800 mAH Lithium Ion Hard Case Battery with 4 Panasonic cells
  • 3 x Cree XML-2 U2 LED emitters – the latest generation of Cree LED’s
  • 3 optic system
  • 2 hr runtime on Maximum power
  • 4hr battery charge (dependent on state of charge)
  • Remote switch
  • Battery mounted fuel gauge
  • Light will flash to warn of critical battery level
  • Overheat Protection