Nikwax Down Proof

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    Down filled items are used to provide lightweight insulation to keep you warm. The structure of down allows air to be trapped between its filaments and warmed by body heat to provide insulation for the user. If down gets wet it clumps together. This causes it to lose loft and insulation as it can’t trap air effectively. When wet, down loses all of its insulating properties, as water conducts heat away from the body up to 25 times faster than air. It will also gain weight and its breathability will be significantly reduced; leaving you feeling cold, wet and uncomfortable.

    Down filled items are most likely to get sweaty and wet inside when used in damp or wet conditions. Therefore it is important to stop down filled gear from getting wet by applying Durable Water Repellency (DWR). The outer fabric of your down filled item, as well as the down inside, must be maintained to ensure comfort. Through use it will eventually wear off and need to be renewed with Nikwax Down Proof™.

    • Prevents water absorption whilst maintaining insulation and breathability, keeping warmth, dryness and comfort
    • Maintains insulation and breathability
    • Requires no heat to develop its DWR
    • Specifically designed and optimized for down filled items
    • Adds Durable Water Repellency (DWR), which protects against rain and condensation, improving the natural insulating properties of down
    • Prolongs the effective life of your down gear
    • Leaves a flexible water repellent treatment on individual down filaments and fabric fibers
    • Allows moisture vapor to pass through, maintains breathability and optimizes performance in cold and damp conditions.
    • Safe, easy to use product for down filled gear
    • Safe product to use on down filled items
    • WaterBased and environmentally friendly
    • Non-aerosol, non-flammable, non-hazardous
    • Contains no harmful solvents, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    • Completely fluorocarbon free
    • Quick to apply in a washing machine and ensures that the treatment goes right through the item
    • Develops on air drying

    Instructions (washing machine):
    • Shake well before use. Follow care label instructions (large items can be treated by hand).
    • Remove all detergent build up from the detergent dispenser.
    • Place clean item in washing machine (maximum 1 item).
    • Use 150ml for 1 item.
    • Run 30°C synthetic cycle and slow spin.
    • After the cycle has finished run multiple spin cycles, each time incrementally increasing the spin speed, to remove excess water.

    Instruction (By hand):
    • Shake well before use. Follow care label instructions.
    • Immerse clean item(s) in hand-hot water.
    • For clothing: Use 150ml for 1 item in a bowl or 300ml for 2 items in a bath. Fully submerge item(s) in water.
    • For sleeping bags*: Use 300ml in 4cm deep water in a bath.
    • Agitate to mix, leave to soak for 5-10 minutes, then agitate thoroughly.
    • Rinse clothing in cold water until water runs clear. For sleeping bags repeat rinsing process, drain and gently press bag to expel water.
    • To remove excess water transfer item(s) to a washing machine and run multiple spin cycles, each time incrementally increasing the spin speed.

    • *3-4 season down sleeping bags should be professionally treated.
    • Make sure to thoroughly dry your down filled gear
    • Nikwax Down Proof™ treated items need no heat to develop water repellency
    • Tumble drying is recommended (if care label allows) to ensure that the down is dried thoroughly and as quickly as possible
    • Leaving down wet or damp can ruin it completely