Union Fixations de snowboard Forrest Shearer Charger Pro

Color: Blue Flame
Blue Flame
Size: M
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Fast on the way up, even faster on the way down đŸ”„ Powered by blue flames and Italian croissants, Forrest Shearer's Charger Pro splitboard binding will ensure you beat everyone to the top of the skin track. Prepare to roast turns as you rip down the steepest lines in sight and chill out with an ice cold bevy waiting for you in your limited edition carrying case at the bottom. Let’s make splitboarding fun again đŸ”„ All bindings include: Mounting hardware, Charger split disk w/ magnesium adapter plates, Charger quiver disk w/ magnesium adapter plates, touring brackets, and splitboard strap. 


EXP4 Highback
Designed for longer tours and bigger backcountry lines. The EXP4 highback features 15% more fiberglass than our standard EXP3 Duraflex highback. This stiffer new asymmetrical highback shape offers more support on long traverses and quicker edge to edge power for the ride down.

Exoframe 5.0 Ankle Strap
The Exoframe 5.0 ankle strap utilizes tri-axial progressive flex for the perfect boot to binding fit and instant power and response when you’re ready to lay down a hard charging, high speed carve. Easily adjust your ankle strap to any boot with the quick snap of the pin adjustment, no tools needed.

Integrated Climbing Bar
Fast and easy. For help on steep climbs, flip the built in climbing bar down with the end of your touring pole. No additional hardware needed on the splitboard.

Magnesium S1 Ratchets
Magnesium S1 ratchets are Union’s answer to the elements. A fully integrated spring protected from the harsh outside provides you with Union’s best ratchet to date.

TS 4.0+ Toe Strap
TS 4.0+ toe straps keep you locked in for the ride down without letting you know they're there. A new shorter buckle base helps to reduce weight and pressure points. Easily adjust to any boot with the quick turn of a tool-less adjuster.

Dual Lock System
Simply rotate the binding into place, push the rear lever down, and you're ready to ride. Union's all-new dual lock system is the future of splitboard binding technology. Less time in transition means more time spent riding.

SP3 Duraflex CB Baseplate
When your splitboard bindings ride like your regular bindings, it's easy to enjoy the ride down. The SP3 Duraflex CB baseplate is the key ingredient for the best ride feel on the splitboard market today. 

  • Baseplate: SP3 Duraflex CB
  • Bushing: Thermoformed EVA
  • Heel cup: Forged Carbon
  • Highback: EXP4
  • Ankle Strap: Exoframe 5.0
  • Toe Strap: TS 4.0 w/pin
  • Ratchet: Magnesium S1 W/ Aluminum Base
  • FLAD: Split V3
  • Hardware: Titanium Screws / Grade 8.8 Steel
  • Gas Pedal: Non-Stick EVA
  • Strap Adjustment: Tool-Less
  • Canting: No