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    To avoid bonking while exercising, you need a portable source of easily digestible carbohydrates to fuel your muscles. ROCTANE Energy Gels are designed for long-duration and high-intensity training and racing with more electrolytes for hydration and amino acids for your muscles.

    Bonking Doesn’t Solve Itself

    GU Roctane Energy Gels are crafted to supply both energy and key nutrients like electrolytes and amino acids to keep you feeling strong and energized. The precise blend of complex and simple carbohydrates will fuel you up, so you feel good, longer. Our huge variety of delicious flavors will save you from flavor fatigue, so you can stick to your nutrition plan and keep going.

    What’s the ROCTANE difference?

    In short, ROCTANE Energy Gels are designed for long-duration and high-intensity activities, when you’re trying to up your mileage or push yourself further. But what does that really mean? It means that ROCTANE Energy Gels are packed with up to three times as much sodium (depending on the flavor), and three times as many branched-chain amino acids as compared to our original Energy Gels.

    ROCTANE Energy Gels also have extra amino acids: Taurine can help maintain heart contractility and improve cardiac output during long exercise sessions and beta-alanine can help promote formation of the intramuscular buffer carnosine, which can help delay the onset of fatigue during high-intensity efforts.

    When should you take it

    ROCTANE Energy Gels were designed to help provide nutritional support for prolonged and/or more intense exercise. Therefore, you will find ROCTANE Energy Gels especially beneficial during exercise which requires extra recovery time and/or where you need help with preventing fatigue, increasing concentration, focus, and decreasing perceived effort. When you are going big or the workout is going to require more of you because of the weather, terrain, environment, intensity, etc.– use ROCTANE Energy Gels. During a more typical workout – use original GU Energy Gels.

    How the added electrolytes and amino acids benefit you

    ROCTANE contains more sodium than the original GU Energy Gel and sodium is the main electrolyte lost in sweat. Supplementation with sodium can help prevent cramping as well as minimize the chances of hyponatremia.

    The additional amino acids in ROCTANE Energy Gel serve several important functions, including acting as a fuel source for working muscle, and helping promote muscle recovery following exercise. ROCTANE Energy Gel contains branched-chain amino acids that have been shown to help prevent central fatigue by competing with tryptophan for transport across the blood brain barrier. They also contain the amino acids taurine (to help maintain heart contractility and improve cardiac output during long exercise sessions) and beta-alanine (to help promote formation of the intramuscular buffer carnosine).

    • May reduce mental fatigue and help decrease muscle damage during exercise
    • Delivers ready-to-use energy for athletes and can delay bonking by sparing glycogen stores
    • Helps enhance performance by increasing focus and concentration while training or racing
    • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
    • *Some flavors with caffeine, some flavors without added caffeine
    • If your metabolism is slower, then one Energy Gel every 45 minutes works just fine.
    • If you have a faster metabolism, try ingesting one Energy Gel every 30 minutes (always recommended practicing your nutrition plan to determine what works best for you)
    • They can be used anytime you need energy to fuel a workout, regardless of what type
    • Maltodextrin is 70-80% of the carbohydrate blend
    • Safe for children, but you may want to keep them away from flavors that contain caffeine
    • GU Energy Gels and ROCTANE Energy Gels are both kosher certified, gluten-free and vegan-friendly.