Nidecker Men's Ultralight Snowboard

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    Color: Black
    Size: 161L cm
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    The summit of snowboard technology. Ideal for steep and deep freeriding. The Ultralight represents the pinnacle of snowboard design: a high-performance freeride craft constructed exclusively from our most premium and lightweight materials. The uncompromised spec sheet begins with a race-grade N-9000 base to ensure face-melting speeds across steeps and cat tracks alike.

    We’ve paired it with our lightest poplar/paulownia core, and reduced the weight further using 3DN and Freeflex 3.0 – stripping excess wood between the inserts and at the tip and tail. A full carbon top layer adds strength and F1-style response, while keeping the ride feeling super smooth even as you push the throttle into the red. The Ultralight wraps all this tech into an aggressive shape with a camber-rocker profile that excels making big, fast turns. When you need to squeeze every ounce of performance from your powder deck, accept no substitute.


    Flex Rate: Powerful

    Shape and Profile: Freeride Camrock
    Increase flotability and keep carving performance.

    Construction N-Tech 2.0
    N-TECH 2.0 is a major evolution of our already futuristic N-TECH construction process. The main feature is a 3D cap that increases the effect of the 3D torsion construction between the feet and when combined with our Freeflex 3.0 technology in the nose and tail also produces state-of-the-art flex and stress distribution patterns that are unique in snowboard manufacturing.

    Exclusive Tech: Freeflex 3.0
    By reducing the wood and fiberglass in the nose and tail, but reinforcing them with lighter, stronger materials, our unique Freeflex 3.0 technology allows us to significantly decrease board weight, while simultaneously increasing strength, durability and pop. It also dampens vibrations and provides an extraordinarily light feel when transitioning between turns.

    Top: Carbonid
    Carbonid is a full carbon top layer developed especially for our dynamic, top of the range Ultralight and Spectre Carbon models. Mixed with the multi-strand glass layers, this explosive combination delivers the ultimate in power and reactivity.

    Inserts: 4/2-6 +1
    With 6 rows of inserts every 2 cm, this insert combination allows you to adjust your stance to the optimum position, and works with all bindings on the market. Our reference stance is the second narrowest position possible. We also added an extra position for deep Pow days.

    Fiberglass: Triax Plus
    The result of extensive testing with our riders and engineers, our Triax laminate is oriented at 45° to the board, and contains different glass densities. This provides consistent torsional flex, better pop, and more reactivity on every turn.

    Woodcore: Light Core
    Our lightest core - featuring 3 different wood types. The Light Core is a perfect combination of paulownia for lightness, poplar for pop and responsiveness, and hardwood beech stringers along the edges to increase core durability, pop and protection from edge impacts.

    Base: N-9000
    Produced with carbon nanoparticles, the N-9000 has a very dense molecular structure, which makes it our fastest, most durable base material.

    Exclusive Tech: 3DNConcept
    Our 3D N-Concept takes snowboard construction to the next level. A unique core outline between the inserts allows the board to flex differently under each foot, delivering the ultimate feeling of control and a 3-dimensional riding experience you won't find anywhere else.

    Special Details: Matte Finish - Hot Stamp - Full Carbon - Alu Base Logo

    BOARD SIZE (CM) 158 L 161 L 164 W 168 W
    TOTAL LENGTH (MM) 1580 1610 1640 1680
    NOSE LENGTH (MM) 275 275 275 275
    CONTACT EDGE LENGTH (MM) 1090 1120 1150 1190
    EFFECTIVE EDGE LENGTH (MM) 1190 1220 1250 1290
    TAIL LENGTH (MM) 215 215 215 215
    SIDECUT RADIUS (M) 7.7 7.8 8 8.4
    NOSE WIDTH (MM) 303 305 315 319
    UNDERFOOT WIDTH : FRONT FOOT (MM) 266 268 276 280
    WAIST WIDTH (MM) 254 256 264 270
    UNDERFOOT WIDTH : REAR FOOT (MM) 262 264 272 280
    TAIL WIDTH (MM) 285 287 297 305
    TAPER (MM) -18 -18 -18 -14
    SET BACK (MM) -30 -30 -30 -40
    REFERENCE STANCE (MM) 560 560 580 580
    MINIMUM - MAXIMUM STANCE (MM) 520 - 640 520 - 640 540 - 660 540 - 660
    RECOMMENDED RIDER'S WEIGHT (KG.) 60 - 75 70 - 85 80 - 95 85+
    RECOMMENDED RIDER'S WEIGHT (LBS.) 143 - 165 154 - 187 177 - 209 187+